Safeguard was founded on a fundamental principle: Customer Service = Resolution®.

Company History

Safeguard's success and reputation in the mortgage field services industry are built on a fundamental commitment to customer service, a sense of responsibility for the work performed, and a clear and comprehensive understanding of the investor and insurer compliance issues that affect the mortgage industry. Robert Klein's vision was to create a company focused on client satisfaction through business partnership.

Customer Service = Resolution® is more than a motto. It is a promise to our clients that we will deliver services at the highest levels of quality in the industry.

We empower every employee and every vendor to offer solutions to any issue that may arise.

As the leader in the mortgage field services industry, Safeguard is committed to building and sharing industry best practices to protect the integrity and value of our nation's housing stock, to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective services in the industry, and to work on behalf of our clients to comply with all regulatory requirements.

How Safeguard Began
Robert Klein grew up in New York, built a successful taxi business as a young man, and moved to Cleveland more than 25 years ago to take over his uncle's produce business. When the demands of building yet another successful business caused him to miss important family milestones, he sold his business and looked for a new challenge.
During Robert's new business pursuit, he became intrigued with the mortgage field services industry. Robert approached an acquaintance with knowledge of the industry and hired her to introduce him to the business. With two employees working in a basement office, that was the start of Safeguard Properties. After seven weeks, Robert received a phone call from what became Safeguard's first client, who is still a client today. Eventually Robert expanded Safeguard from a regional company to a national presence providing a full range of field services.
Over his 20 years as CEO of  Safeguard, Robert's philosophy still permeates the organization. "Whether it's a taxi business, a produce business, or a field services company," said Robert, "to be the best, you have to get to know your clients, understand their challenges, and find ways to solve their problems, sometimes even before they know they have a problem. "
Safeguard Today
In May, 2010 Alan Jaffa took over as CEO. Under his visionary leadership, Safeguard has doubled in size with strategies that have included new and expanded services, technology investments that deliver higher quality and greater efficiencies to clients, and strategic acquisition. As a result, Safeguard has been recognized in Northeast Ohio by the Weatherhead 100 for 18 years, and in 2010 and 2011 was recognized as the fastest growing large company in Northeast Ohio.
Even though Safeguard today is the largest mortgage field service company in the industry, the goal was never to be the biggest, but to be the best. As Robert and Alan built Safeguard into a national company and invested in systems and processes to support that growth, Safeguard has stayed true to the company’s simple founding principle of Customer Service = Resolution®.


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