One Community

Safeguard is much more than a property preservation company. We also are a community preservation company serving those areas in which you work and call home. Together, we are all One Community.

To maintain Safeguard’s longstanding reputation as an advocate within the housing industry, a variety of tools have been created to protect and partner with jurisdictions, addressing the challenges facing properties and residents within communities across the country.

These approaches may not always be viable when utilized alone, but rather, have proved effective when used simultaneously to promote an appropriate and holistic approach for communities. Items Safeguard delivers in a jurisdiction’s toolbox include:

Community Outreach: See where Safeguard’s Community Initiatives department has shared timely and valuable information with local, regional, and statewide code enforcement, in addition to elected official associations. Is your association on the map? To schedule a class, contact

Community Solutions: This includes SecureView, an innovative, polycarbonate covering installed to the exterior windows and doors of a vacant property. To see proposed and enacted legislation by jurisdictions that are searching for an alternative to plywood, please click here.

Community Service: Giving back by lending a hand is an important element to building strong communities. Involvement in projects that allow staff, contractors and community partners is Safeguard’s opportunity to say “thank you” and share goodwill. Is your community on the map?

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