Tornadoes Confirmed Near Houston as Severe Weather Strikes Southeast Texas, Injuring 7

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February 15, 2017

Reported approximate areas sustaining home damage:

Rosenberg (Fort Bend County, 77417, 77469, 77471)
Stafford (Fort Bend/Harris County, 77477, 77497)
Van Vleck (Matagorda County, 77482)
Wharton (Wharton County, 77488)

Please click on the above state to view a ZIP Code List of approximate affected areas by county.

NOTE: This is not currently a FEMA Declared Disaster.

A line of severe storms spawned at least six tornados, injured at least seven and caused damage in southeastern Texas Tuesday morning, including near the Houston metro area.

In Van Vleck, Texas, recreational vehicles were flipped and structural damage was reported along a path approximately a mile long. The Associated Press said seven people were transported to local hospitals with minor injuries in the town of about 1,400 located some 70 miles southwest of Houston. Those injuries didn't appear to be serious, Matagorda County emergency management coordinator Doug Matthes told the Associated Press.

One such injury was a mother who shielded her children from the tornado as it flipped their mobile home, according to She was hospitalized with a possible spine injury, but no additional details on her condition were released, the report added.

The National Weather Service surveyed the damage in Van Vleck and confirmed that it was caused by a tornado. The twister was given a preliminary rating of at least EF1.

"Tops of trees are twisted off and at least one home is completely torn apart," Matthes told the AP.

Southwest of Houston, roof damage to homes and businesses was reported near Stafford, Texas, due to a confirmed EF0 tornado, the NWS said. A third tornado, also rated EF0, was confirmed in Wharton, located northwest of Van Vleck.

An EF2 tornado was confirmed south of Rosenberg, Texas. Photos from the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office showed damage to the Bridlewood Estates subdivision, located east of Rosenberg, which was where the NWS found damage consistent with winds as high as 130 mph.

CenterPoint energy reported that nearly 21,000 customers lost power in the Houston metro area in the aftermath of the storms, but that number quickly declined. Students and teachers in Houston and Fort Bend were asked to shelter in place as the storms rolled through, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The severe weather threat ended for Houston Tuesday morning, but other parts of the Gulf Coast and Southeast could see more stormy weather through Wednesday.

Source: The Weather Channel

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