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As a leader in the industry, Safeguard's executuve staff often contributes editorials discussing current industry topics. To read recent editiorials, see below.


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Recent Editorials

    Field Services Technology: Directing Traffic, Driving Progress
    The June issue of DS News featured an article authored by Safeguard Properties Chief Information Officer George Mehok. In it, Mehok discusses how effective field services workflow management systems can successfully provide quality information, automation, and integration with mortgage servicers' systems.
    May 30 2018
    Elevating Emerging Leaders
    The February issue of HousingWire featured an article authored by Safeguard Properties Director of Training and Development John Gonos. In it, Gonos discusses how organizations can utilize internal leadership training programs to help build a strong management teams.
    February 06 2018
    Disaster Playbook
    The January Issue of DS News featured an article authored by Safeguard Properties CEO Alan Jaffa. In it, Jaffa explores how the mortgage servicing industry can establish guidelines to help manage portfolios following a major storm or disaster.
    January 17 2018
    Evolution of Cybersecurity
    The November issue of DS News featured an article authored by Safeguard Properties Information Security Officer Darren Kruk. In it, Kruk explores the need for companies in high-profile industries, such as mortgage servicing, to be more vigilant in protecting their electronic environments.
    November 30 2017
    Surmounting the Roadblocks to FHA Conveyance
    The October issue of Servicing Management featured an article authored by Safeguard Properties Assistant Vice President of Business Development and Investor Relations Kellie Chambers. In it, Chambers discusses ways mortgage servicers can reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses related to Federal Housing Administration (FHA) property conveyance.
    October 31 2017

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