Code Enforcement Contacts 

Opening the lines of communication throughout the industry.

Code Enforcement Contacts

In 2006, a Vacant Blight and Code Enforcement Industry Working Group convened at the National Property Preservation Conference.

The most significant challenge identified was the inability of code enforcers to quickly identify responsible parties when code violations occur, and the desire that mortgage servicers had to learn about code violations in a timely manner so issues could be addressed quickly to prevent further damage to vacant properties in their portfolios. 

Out of this group emerged the recommendation to create a contact list, accessible to code enforcement officials and servicers nationally, that would identify the property preservation contact at major mortgage service companies across the country , and a code enforcement contact in each municipality should servicers need it. 

Servicers and code enforcement officials nationally have utilized this list to quickly locate and contact responsible parties when issues arise with vacant properties.  By opening the lines of communications, servicers and code enforcers are working cooperatively to fight vacant blight by assuring that vacant properties are secured and maintained.

Please click on the following to access the contact information.

  Code Enforcement Contacts (last updated 11/30/2017) 

To update your information or to be added to the list please contact Supervisor of Code Compliance Derek Edmonson

Washington Municipal Contacts

In response to the passage of WA HB 2057, a piece of legislation that will directly impact the mortgage servicing industry, Safeguard has created a contact list for each municipality in Washington State.

To access the latest version of the list, please click here. (last updated 6/25/18)

Please Note: Highlighted municipalities contained in the list have confirmed that all information is correct.

Municipal Ordinance Database

As there have been multiple requests for the creation of a resource providing municipal ordinances affecting default servicing and property preservation, Safeguard has commenced consolidating municipal code website homepages. Those that are available online are typically housed on a municipal website or made available through a third-party publishing company.

To access this resource, please click here. (last updated 8/28/18)


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