Safeguard routinely completes evictions for our clients, in both our property preservation and REO departments. 


Safeguard routinely completes evictions for our clients, in both our property preservation and REO departments. Our evictions team works closely with our clients or their attorneys to coordinate the lockout date and time, and to ensure that a crew is present at the time of the lockout. We will confirm the pertinent information with the sheriff's office prior to the scheduled date, and we provide an update to our client as soon as the eviction has taken place. We then follow-up with a full report of the work done, including all necessary photo documentation, and any special instructions that we were given by the sheriff.

We have a special network of contractors who are familiar with the intricacies of completing evictions. All are given additional training on the importance of following local statutes, which sometimes necessitates working with a licensed, bonded moving company. We take these orders very seriously, and we strive to not only meet our clients' needs, but to maintain a professional and helpful demeanor when working with the local law enforcement and the homeowner during this difficult time. 

Once possession has been granted by the sheriff, we will proceed with the maintenance work as stipulated by our clients.


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