Property Inspection FAQs

Q: How do I become an inspector?

A: Individuals interested in becoming an inspector for Safeguard should click here to fill out an online application. Once your application is received, a member from vendor management will review and contact you if there is a need in your coverage area.

Q: As a client, how will I know if an inspection is completed?

A: Most inspection results are automatically uploaded to the client system if the original order came from a downloaded file. All results are displayed on our website once they have been through our internal QC process. Results can then be printed or forwarded to a third-party if needed. Various reports are available on the website that will display properties which are vacant, have damages, show a new condition is reported, and so on. Many clients use these reports to view their vacant results daily. 

Q: Does the inspectors perform the property inspections from the car?

A: No, Safeguard does not complete drive-by inspections. On all non-bankruptcy inspections, if the property is vacant, the inspector will complete a walk-around inspection to ensure the property is secured on all sides and the property has not suffered damages. The inspector will not make contact on a bankruptcy inspection.

Q: Can Safeguard complete interior inspections?

A: Interior inspections can be completed on a property once the initial secure has been completed and a lockbox has been installed. Safeguard will automatically generate an interior inspection on non-bankruptcy inspection types once the lockbox is installed.

Q: Do Safeguard inspectors discuss the status of a loan with the mortgagor while performing an inspection?  

A: Safeguard's inspectors are trained to not discuss anything with the mortgagor except that they are there to confirm occupancy and request that the mortgagor contact the mortgage company. Safeguard inspectors are not even sent the status of a loan. Instead the orders are sent out with instructions on whether or not to make contact. If contact is to be made, the inspector is provided a name and phone number to provide the mortgagor on the contact card. This contact card asks the mortgagor to call the client to discuss their account. 

Q: Can Safeguard complete the FHA inspections within the required 25-35 day timeframe?

A: Safeguard's system is programmed to generate the downloaded inspection with a due date within the 25-35 day timeframe for FHA loans. Our internal system has various reports that are run to track these inspections to ensure they are completed within the required investor guideline.

Q: Do the inspectors need the scope of work when completing insurance loss inspections?

A: Safeguard prefers that all new insurance loss orders be sent with the scope of work for the repairs being completed on the property. This ensures that the inspector is covering all areas of the property that are to be inspected for the loss inspection.

Q: Do insurance loss inspections come with photos?

A: Yes. Safeguard provides photos of the repairs in process along with the completed repairs at the property.

Q: How do mortgagors signoff on the insurance loss inspection result?

A: Safeguard's inspectors will complete a form on insurance loss orders detailing the percentage of repairs completed, along with any repairs yet to be completed. The mortgagor is then requested to sign the form once it is completed. A copy of the signed form will be available for viewing once the results are quality checked and billed.


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