Safeguard Business Continuity Resources


Refer to the resources located here for Disaster Recovery Plans, contracts, numbers and documentation. This site is to be kept up to date semi-annually.

This will serve to provide a resource to Safeguard's redundancy resources. Bookmark this site and check back frequently for updated information.

Business Continuity Plan


Click Here to download the latest Safeguard DR/BCP.

DR/BCP The following are links to all necessary contracts for software and services:

Safeguard IT and Business Contracts

If you do not see a contract or other critical item here, make sure to notify the site administrator to get it added.

Information Security Policies

IT-SEC-POL-0110 Appropriate Use

IT-SEC-POL-0140 Information Classification Policy

IT-SEC-PRV-0100 Confidentiality and Privacy

Report any incidents or breaches immediately to security@safeguardproperties.com.

Backup Documentation and Software

You will find a backup copy of all documentation and software on the Safeguard DR file systems. The location for all software is: filerdr:/software


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